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The Florida Bar has a rule that no attorney nor member of their staff can promise a client an outcome. That holds for all lawyers, whether they are defending a client in a criminal case, or pursuing a real estate deal, or handling a personal injury claim.

You hear a lot in lawyer advertising these days about how much a case might be worth. If you are a Florida resident and involved in a traffic accident, provided you have PIP coverage, you are entitled to a minimum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for potential medical expense and lost wage claims.

But how much is your case worth versus the driver who caused the accident and their insurance company? Or, versus an uninsured motorist insurance carrier or underinsured carrier if the defendant was uninsured or inadequately insured for purposes of paying you for pain and suffering?

Once again, let's cut to the case. Anyone who is telling you the unvarnished truth would tell you that generally, in a first interview or telephone conversation, they simply don't know how much your case is worth. Settlements and judgments (the latter being money rendered by a jury should a case go to trial) are generally predicated on two issues: liability, and damages.

When you first call a lawyer, one, they don't know, the vast majority of the time, just how much insurance the defendant carried. Two, very often they don't know the full extent of your injuries, especially if you are experiencing pain and/or rigidity (stiffness), but haven't been checked out by a doctor yet.

Florida has a state law generally referred to as the "disclosure law". You or your attorney may send a written notice to the insurance company of the driver who injured you, and that company has thirty days to provide a declaration of how much insurance coverage is available, and a certified copy of the policy as well if you and/or your attorney want it.

In some ways, it's an unfair system that some might call "luck of the draw". You can imagine the (thankfully) relatively rare circumstance where a person is killed or maimed or otherwise severely injured and the defendant carried, say, only a twenty-five thousand dollar policy. Even a hundred thousand dollars in such cases would be woefully inadequate. Yet, and you can check this fact with your insurance agent, Florida currently does not require drivers to carry bodily injury liability coverage, so the person causing your accident may have ZERO ( ! ) in coverage. In such a case, hopefully you carry uninsured motorist protection. If you don't have it currently, you should consider purchasing it.

That second issue, again, regard simply, just how badly hurt are you? I reiterate that unless you have been scanned (CT, or "cat", or MRI) we don't know the full extent of your injuries.

If your injuries are purely a muscular strain, and if the defendant is insured with bodily injury coverage and/or you carry uninsured motorist protection, most cases are valued at multiple thousands of dollars to you, but I reiterate that no one can promise an outcome.

So when you hear "Your case may be worth _______ dollars..." take it with a grain of salt. It depends on how much insurance is available, the severity of your injuries, and other factors such as whether or not the defendant was clearly 100% at fault, your age, earning history, etc.

>>> But I can tell you this.  I work on what is called a contingency fee arrangement.  This means that unless I recover money for you for pain and suffering, you owe me zero.  No fees, no costs.  I take a percentage of any settlement or judgment and for cases settled out of Court, I take less than the standard fee most attorneys charge which puts more money in your pocket (Mr. Franklin, here, I've had success working with attorneys that charge 30% vice 33 1/3% but obviously your call).

And since I work on a percentage basis, the more money I recover for you, the more I make, and you can bet that I am going to fight for every single dollar you are owed.

To reiterate, for anyone who is being perfectly up front with you, often we don't know just how much a case is worth until we know how much insurance (or assets) is available, and the full extent of your injuries. But I'll aggressively pursue the largest recovery of money possible, even if it means taking it before a jury.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to talk, and you can reach me after hours including Saturday and Sunday.

Car Accident Lawyers Orlando

Attorneys and Counselors at Law

(407) 440-0118

I've been in an accident,

and I'm still not sure I need a lawyer,

and I'm wondering...

how much is my case worth?

You May Be Reluctant To Consult With A Car Accident Lawyer.

Insurance companies and even well intentioned loved ones may say "you don't need an attorney."

With our firm, we are more than happy to explain your full potential rights and benefits whether you hire us or not.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to talk. Our Consultations are free. There are no fees or costs unless we recover money damages for you.

And every client or potential client receives my and my staff's personal phone numbers.

You can reach us directly, not through an answering service, even after hours to include Saturday and Sunday. Our Lawyers pick up the phone.

I provide you with guidance and legal advice each step of the way.

My staff assists in getting your vehicle repaired, lost wages, prescription medication reimbursement, travel expenses to and from the doctor, etc.

Doctor Referral Your case needs an attorney and a case manager!

Even if you have been in an accident and have been deemed to be at fault, as a Florida resident you may have an entitlement to medical and lost wage benefits, and may have questions about damage to your car and any traffic ticket(s) you may have received.

Again, it doesn't hurt to talk.

Insurance companies keep up with which lawyers will go to trial and which ones don't, and of those who go, who wins and who doesn't.

Ask me about my courtroom experience when we meet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Car Accident Lawyers Orlando

Attorneys and Counselors at Law

(407) 440-0118

As I said, I've been in a car accident...

and now I understand more about this "no fault" stuff

...but it's still a little confusing...

I mean, I don't really think I have a "case"

to pursue...

Think of the Florida Motor Vehicle Law as being very simple. No matter who is at fault in the accident....

...your insurance company pays two things, medical expenses and lost wages...

...and the defendant's insurance company pays two things.....for the damage to your car, and money to compensate you for pain and suffering, but only if you suffer a permanent injury.

Just to get a mental picture, you can think of that famous pose of Richard Nixon where he holds up a "V for victory" sign with two fingers of each hand, of course to either side of him. That's it, your own company pays two things, and the defendant's company pays two things.

You started out by saying you're not really hurt, just a little sore. You don't think you have a "case" to go after, and you're just a little bit leary of talking to a lawyer or their staff.

We live in a society where people most often try to shake off their injuries. How many times in your life have you heard "Oh, rub some dirt on it, you're not hurt..." or fear losing your job if you take a day or two off because you're hurting?

In some ways, being in an auto accident can be akin to playing a football game. Very often, you're not really stiff and sore until you wake up the next day.

Car Accident Lawyers Orlando

Attorneys and Counselors at Law

(407) 440-0118

I've been in an accident...

...don't feel really hurt...just stiff and sore...

BUT I have some questions

...about the damage to my car...and...



People generally find that when they've been in an accident, the insurance company(ies) are not their best friend.

Even if you are not going to pursue an injury claim and simply have questions about getting your car repaired, getting a rental car paid for while it's being repaired, as well as other issues such as towing and storage bills, call me. We can speak over the phone or you are welcome to come in and talk to me.

First, you should choose a body shop on your own that will utilize factory parts and repair your vehicle to your satisfaction, and which will bill the appropriate insurance company directly. Don't hesitate to get your vehicle to such a repair facility. Insurance adjusters love to delay getting out to make an estimate on the vehicle. Frankly, they can do so at the body shop. Provided the other party in the accident is clearly at fault (something insurance companies like to argue even when indeed the other person clearly caused the accident...and something you might consider getting an attorney for whether you pursue an injury claim or not) they owe not only for repairs to your vehicle, and that is repairs done right, but to also reimburse you for a rental car while you are without the use of your vehicle (did you know that insurance companies owe you money per day for every single day your vehicle is not driveable even if it is not under repair yet and even if you haven't rented a car? It's called compensation for loss of use.)

And what if your vehicle has been declared a total loss? These and all questions can be answered in one phone call or as stated you can come in to see me. There's no obligation. I and my staff are more than happy to explain your full rights and benefits whether you hire us or not.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Car Accident Lawyers Orlando

Attorneys and Counselors at Law

(407) 440-0118

I've been in a car accident....

I'm not really all that hurt...

...just some soreness...

But I do have questions...

About repairs to my car...

and getting a rental car paid for while it's being fixed...

And I did miss two days from work...

And boy oh boy right off the bat...

I got a bill from the ambulance company,

hospital, a separate bill from the emergency room doctor,

and the radiologist at the hospital...

Who pays for all this?

Different people are telling me different things...

...and I don't understand this "no fault" stuff...