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Should I get a lawyer for my car accident? Which car accident lawyer should I choose?

If you’ve been in an accident…

…most often a lawyer or their staff…

…are going to ask you some tough questions…

…at the first interview and beyond…

So be prepared to ask them some tough questions, too.

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They will probably ask you if you’ve been in any previous accidents, especially ones where you were represented by legal counsel and received a settlement. They’ll ask about any pre-existing injuries either way, whether or not you were wearing your seatbelt, and questions about your background, including criminal history, if any.

As a potential client, you deserve to ask some pointed questions as well. You should ask your prospective attorney (and keep a written record of their answers) whether or not you owe any money, that is, either fees or expenses, if they do not recover money for you. You should ask how they calculate such expenses, or costs. Some law firms charge exorbitant fees for every photocopy made, every fax sent or received, etc. Get the lowdown…even a price list. Many firms even charge interest ( ! ) on their costs.

More importantly, ask the lawyer you are considering hiring…

Are you willing to take my case all the way to trial if that’s what it takes?